"The IamIP Platform is an easy-to-use patent and monitoring software with efficient functionality. It has really improved our understanding of competitors’ activity and given on-time heads up of changes in fields we see important to us." Antti Raski Senior Manager IPR at Macgregor Corporation

Why We Started IamIP

We are the Google of the Intellectual Property world” says Dimitris Giannoccaro, CEO IamIP

The reason IamIP was created was from the realization of the importance of intellectual property in general, combined with the strategic insights you can receive from its data if handled right using today’s rapid digitalization and big data functionalities. By tradition intellectual property is considered boring, tiring and expensive with its paper-based and manually handled processes. The two top patent engineers at ABB, Dimitris Giannoccaro and Falah Hosini, encountered frustrations on a daily basis in their work with intellectual property globally: no transparency, difficult to collaborate and share important information, complex workflows and a lot of data that was difficult to handle manually. Thus, in 2013 they finally decided to realize their dream of revolutionizing the intellectual property industry with the help of digitalization and big data functionality. They decided to revolutionize intellectual property in the same way Google did to Search and the Encyclopaedia world.

Intellectual property is the heart and soul of innovation-driven companies. There are many exciting facts about patents, but here we will only focus on the most crucial one:

Our belief is that failing to understand the importance of intellectual property will eventually destroy your business.

On the one hand, patents give you monopoly on a certain technology for decades to come and if you are not careful and quick in seeking protection all your hard work in innovation may be useless as competitors bypass you by protecting their (and maybe even your) innovations. On the other hand, the data related to patent applications say everything about the future of innovation: what competitors are researching and protecting, where technology is trending, where innovation take place and will be protected and much more. Used right, this data will give you a significant competitive advantage.

If you apply the IamIP solution to your innovation we are convinced you will take lead in innovation – and market pole position - in your industry. 

Innovating today requires keeping up-to-date with an increasingly complex set of information.  In fact, 100.000 new patents are published every week making the complexity ever increasing. Without the proper tools it is near impossible to handle this complexity, let alone finding the right document at the right time to draw strategic insights and act on them. By using innovative big data functionality IamIP has successfully developed ground-breaking visualization possibilities of patent data that will provide you with strategic actionable insights in one single click.

We also know that there are many people involved in the work around intellectual property, thus dynamic collaboration possibilities are crucial for maximizing the power of patents. Our platform is the most user-friendly platform on the market, where you can share documents and tasks with colleagues, request feedback including automatic reminders, saved communication history and much more - all in one click.  We say goodbye to xls files and emails. With us you and your colleagues will have everything in one place.

This is a snapshot of our work since 2013. We have used everything we learnt during our careers in intellectual property and innovation, and today we keep learning from our clients making sure we stay on top of the latest developments in our industry.  

We hope we will welcome you as partner one day, joining our quest to take leadership in the future of innovation by revolutionizing the intellectual property industry.

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2013 – IamIP was founded: Proof of concept, Product development, Market analysis

2014 – MVP Launch, Market introduction, Enterprise version release

2015 – Platform v.2 released, Expansion into Norway

2016 – Full text version launched, Asian documents integrated, Signed global corporations, Development of AI research

2017 – Platform v.3 released, Prototype for AI Search Module launched, Expansion into DACH region