"With IamIP I can now understand the strategic value of patents. Before I only saw the costs" Olof Stranding, CFO of Piezomotor

White Papers

Our experience and expertise form the basis of our innovative research and development. Working closely with our clients give us an extensive basis for best practice sharing in IPR management and workflows, something we conclude in our white papers.
Articles, case studies and white papers written by IamIP’s consultants are published here.

Here you can download white papers about intellectual property, written by our IP experts based on their experience from the industry and work with our clients. 

Select the white paper of your interest, fill out the form and the white paper will be sent to you by email ( only two first whitepapers, the rest articles is available after clicking the link)


Electric Vehicle Battery Industry, 2018, D.Giannoccaro

The Global Competitive Landscape of the Automotive Industry Is at the Doorstep of Radical Change, 2018, D.Giannoccaro

China: an analysis of the increasingpatent activity and how to deal with the language barrier from an industry’s point of view, EOCD, 2012, V. Rudolf, D.Giannoccaro, O. Al-Askary, E. Dubaric