IamIP Patent Conference 2019 in Cologne

We are happy to share some information and pictures about the IamIP Patent Conference 2019 in Cologne. This year, we proudly hosted the event in our brand-new office in Cologne and made sure that our guests felt comfortable.

We had two amazing days with great presentations, meetings, discussions and a nice traditional Cologne dinner. This event would not have been possible without our customers and speakers who contributed by their very interesting presentations. We explicitly want to thank Axel Beks from Atlas Copco, Jürgen Wüllrich from Pilz, Thilo Koch from Dellner, Dr. Benedikt Kramm from Isabellenhütte and Evi Gogoulou from Rise Sics for their great presentations.

We learned about

● the importance of and challenges with IP and how to motivate a full organization to monitor IP

● how to observe publications of IP in the relevant fields using and manage the complexity of more than 2000 competitor patents

● the success factors when implementing a patent software

● AI and patent information

● the future of managing patent information

On the second day we had a hands-on experience by simulating the complete IP workflow within the IamIP platform.

We used the platform to

● find relevant technology and competitors to track and act upon

● track and review competition in a smart, flexible and efficient way

● follow up interesting technology and competitors, get insights and visualize and report them

Once more – thanks again to everybody who contributed to this great event.

Here are some of the pictures from the event: