User Day Conference 2018

We are happy to share some information and pictures about the IamIP User Day Conference 2018 in Cologne. We had 2 great days of presentations, meetings, discussion, and a nice local cologne dinner. Thanks to everyone who participated, for this truly special and memorable event. A special thanks go to our external speaker, Dr. Mitja Schonecke from SKF, and Thomas Freitag from Melexis for their inspiring presentations.

It was amazing to bring together so many patent professionals from such different backgrounds to discuss on the IamIP platform, future market trends and other IP related topics.

During the first day of the conference we talked about:

● Success Story IamIP Platform Generation 1
● Generation 2- impressions and new functionalities
● Use of the IamIP platform for monitoring competition and efficient collaboration in a global company
● Patent search, content, experience, wishes
● Importance of analysis in the daily work
● Patent Monitoring for occasional users and portfolio user – how to set up processes
● IP Gates in the Development Flow and the Use of IamIP
● How do companies in different industries feel about the usage of patent information?
● What are the pitfalls and worst-case scenarios if you rely on patent information?

The second day we had the focus on the training by Viktor Rudolf and Marten Persson of the brand new version 2 of the IamIP platform. We discussed all important features like patent monitoring and workflow, patent analysis, creation and evaluation of the data and gathered important user feedback.

We very much enjoyed the leisure atmosphere the thrilling workshops and the educational panel discussions on those 2 days.

This year we set the expectations even higher.  Let's revolutionize the IP world together.


Here are some of the pictures from the event: