SERVICE AND EXPERTISE ARE VALUED ASSETS AT IAMIP With a mixed team with expertise in IP, IT, Engineering, Strategy, Marketing and much more - IamIP is revolutionising the IP industry



At IamIP we are experts, technical consultants with a wealth of industry experience and business people with the market know-how to match an IP strategy to your business plan.

This makes us an exceptionally valuable partner who supports you, asks the right questions and makes sure you will improve your market position. We handle IP issues in IamIP, our award-winning business platform for managing and analyzing patent information.

  • Dimitris Giannoccaro

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Co-founder and CEO. Responsible for sales, business development and finding the optimum solution for client integration. Patent expert with over 10+ years of experience in industrial research and development & innovation project management with companies like ABB.

  • Falah Hosini

    Co-founder & R&D manager

    Co-founder and board member, responsible for new development and innovations. Innovation expert with 35+ years of experience in industrial research and development & innovation project management in hi-tech companies.

  • Viktor Rudolf


    Responsible for the development of the IamIP Platform and its features. Support to the sales team in product presentations and implementation of our software tool on the client’s side. Several years of experience as a R&D engineer and an IP Analyst at ABB.

  • Wojciech Nowicki


    A mixture of a strong software engineer, enthusiastic researcher and reputable leader. Over 10 years of experience in IT and application development. Last couple in Principle Architect role in the Finance Sector in the UK. Track of records in solid software architecture, delivering scalable systems and leading high performing teams. Fan of the Lean Startup methodology. At IamIP responsible for the technology, development and innovation.

  • Christina Nordström

    Customer success manager

    Responsible for customer’s adoption of & success in working with the IamIP platform. 35+ years of experience in supporting companies in maximizing their IP efforts.

  • Mårten Persson

    Technical sales manager

    Responsible for pre-and after-sales advice, providing technical assistance, product education, onboarding of new clients and workshops. Patent expert with 9+ years of experience working with intellectual property. 5 years of experience of R&D in the biotech industry.

  • Victoria Lundberg

    Financial Manager

    Responsible for the finance department of Iamip Sweden and Iamip Germany but also for the cash flow, accounts, and other financial transactions. Several years of experience working as Business advisers, Credit controller, etc within Banking and Logistic sector.

  • Joanna Dabrowska-Slaby

    Marketing Coordinator

    Responsible for all marketing activities in the company. An optimist and an achiever, who covers the entire spectrum of how the company communicates and develops integrated marketing campaigns. With 10+ years of experience in digital marketing, SEO, website design, marketing automation, Google tools and graphic design. Fan of traveling and continuous learning.

  • Paul Schmelzer

    Solution Sales Adviser - DACH

    Responsible for developing IamIP’s customer base and Sales in DACH, 7 years of Experience in International Enterprise B2B Sales. I am passionate about helping our customers to overcome their obstacles, eliminate barriers in the daily business and to deliver a superior customer experience.

  • Jennifer Vu

    Patent Management Solution Adviser

    Responsible for Sales Activities in the DACH market. With more than 12 years of experience in the Banking and Real Estate Sector, focusing on German mid-sized companies in the construction industry. I am looking forward to helping our clients in simplifying their daily business and achieving their goals.

  • Johannes Goldbach

    Patent Management Solution Adviser

    Responsible for sales activities of IamIP on the German-speaking markets. Helping future customers to develop their IP strategy together with IamIP. With 11+ years of experience in B2B Sale, knowledge in IT, Automotive Engineering, Manufacturing, Machine Tools and other R&D focused branches always aiming to perfectly understand the customer’s needs and supporting them throughout their whole journey with IamIP.