“The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them.” Sir William Bragg


It is our mission to make our clients leading experts in intellectual property and we offer the user-friendliest platform in the world. However, in order to take lead in innovation you also need to make sure that your workflows and intellectual property strategies are excellent. Therefore we offer a strong support program for both new and existing clients guided by our IP experts and all the best practice we have developed throughout the years.

We know our platform is excellent. That is why we offer a generous testing phase before you make your final decision of hiring IamIP. In the two week Pilot Phase we will not only guide you in how to master the IamIP platform excellently; we will also set up improvement objectives for your workflows and help you achieve significant results in these two weeks. That is how powerful the IamIP platform is.

After a successful Pilot Phase we are convinced you will join IamIP. It is easy and fast to get up and running now as you already got started in the Pilot Phase. We will map your workflows and invite users to join, set up on-boarding trainings for all users and share tutorials and best practice. Choose from on-demand, e-learning tutorials or live, web-delivered sessions. IamIP also provides services to create and deliver fully customized, on-site courses for your company.

A dedicated Customer Success Manager will follow you all the way and make sure you have an efficient on-boarding process.

To maximize the business benefits of IamIP’s software, we work diligently to understand each customer’s business challenges and workflows. We offer best practices process consulting, as well as business tune-ups.

Having worked with a number of customers, we have combined a capital of experience to evaluate each customer’s implementation needs. We work with our customers to create a migration plan and timeline, as well as custom functionalities that address their unique business needs.


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