We would like to introduce to you our great international team


This is a series, created to help you get acquainted with the IAMIP team. Coming from around the globe, our employees bring a diverse spectrum of industry skillsets to accommodate your patent management needs. Together we speak more than 10 languages and we are located in three countries.

Wojciech Nowicki, CTO

 Wojtek, what is your role in the company?

I’m responsible for the development of our platform and our polish branch. Getting a little bit into what does this actually mean, my mission is to make sure that our platform will be stable and reliable so our customer can improve their processes by using it. The next important element is platform development, I need to make sure that we are moving in the right direction. So we will be always offering cutting edge product with leading technologies implemented to increase productivity. The other side of my role is obviously the development of our team in Poland, where the whole system is built and supported.

How did you hear about IamIP and why did you decide to join and move back to Poland?

I was looking for the next challenge in my career. After living for six years in Manchester I decided to move and try something new. I decided to move to Berlin which is known for being silicon valley of Europe, basically the fastest-growing startup hub. I found a couple offers applied, while I was in Berlin for some interviews I've received a call from IamIP inviting me for an interview process to the office in Szczecin. I was quite surprised, I was born in Szczecin and I grow up there. I found this fantastic opportunity to bring my experience to the team located in Poland as well as working form my home town for the international company.

What was your previous job?

Last six years I was working for a FinTech Startup in the UK, where I was a Principle Architect responsible for the technical side of the platform. I was designing and building with the team innovative products for the consumer finance market. I developed my skills in Agile Methodologies especially SCRUM and Lean Startup approach. In addition to that, I was as well responsible for Business Intelligence.

What are your goals as CTO in IamIP?

As I’ve mentioned before, developing our platform to be always on the leader position in the industry. This is obviously the ultimate goal. But getting more into the short term goals, I’d like to create one of the best places to work in Szczecin. What I mean by this is to create a friendly collaborative environment in the team. And obviously always looking for the new technologies to stay ahead.

What do you think about the company so far?

We have great potential, we are already revolutionising the patent industry. When I have the opportunity to talk to our customers it’s quite clear that we are making their lives easier and being more precise we are making their work more efficient. And I know we can do much more!

Where do you see IamIP in the future?

I see IamIP as a leader of the market and a company that not only had revolutionised the patent industry but the whole way we can work with Intellectual Property in the companies, government departments and universities as well.

Why should someone else apply to IamIP?

If they are up for the challenge if they want to work with the latest technologies if they want to be a part of the industry-changing project we are the place to work in. Of course besides the great team that they will be working with and all the fun we are having while we are doing what we love!


 MariuszHow long have you worked at IamIP and what positions have you held?

I have been working at IamIP since April 2016. As software engineer back then I was responsible for taking over the G1 platform and making it more performant and friendly to users. Team members once started to call me "Bugzilla" as I was the fastest at locating and fixing bugs. My next goals were to design, implement and develop all kind of loaders for IP data. From that time I develop, maintain and take care of automated loading processes for all data that clients need to find, including Chinese full-texts.

What’s a typical workday like for you?

My work day is split generally between three different things. First, it is monitoring weekly processes, checking emails, statuses and being sure that everything is ok and up to date. Second, it is working with code: developing new features, fixing bugs and constantly improving the quality of code.  The last I would list normal software engineer meetings like refinements, plannings, and dailies.

What do you find rewarding about your job?

The most rewarding about my job is the conscious feeling that we are doing something important and useful to the people.  By improving work comfort in this intellectual property branch I honestly feel that we make this world a better place. Feedback from clients that some part got faster and that they can find data they need is what makes me smile and feel good. The fact that my work serves a good cause is rewarding in itself.

What do you find to be the most challenging part of your job?

Our goal is to maintain and provide constant stability and users satisfaction so that they can use the newest technologies, helping them achieve more each day. One of the most challenging parts was to implement weekly loading process that takes data from different sources and world regions. It all has to be ready on Monday in the user-friendly form to be received as Patent Monitoring. The most challenging part was also loading 'backfiles' - data from new sources from the beginning of times. This job needs to be done as fast as possible and it is big data that we handle. Smart, parallel manipulation of data between servers and during loading and a few tricks to optimize processes were just to be found for these special processes.

What is the most interesting experience you have had while working at IamIP?

I entered the company as Zend Certified Engineer but you know technology changes rapidly and there is a need to check and use new frameworks, technologies like AI, continuously extend knowledge. Generally, I would say my work is interesting each day and I like what I do. As a senior member of Iamip team, I used to work partly as a software architect, systems analyst, system designer and finally programmer. All those steps give certain pleasure when done right.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Apart from the job I am aquarist and gardener. I love watching/making beautiful aquascapes. I also love watching young tomatoes and other vegetables growing. I have always possessed that inventor skill and for example: tried different possibilities for growing plants in the water and air. I have two smart and lovely daughters and spend most of my free time with them. They are still very young but I hope I will seed those passions in them plus additionally passion for coding.

Why should someone else apply to IamIP

If you are interested in an intellectual property, like to work with big data and meet fantastic people from around the world join IamIP.


 Viktor How long have you worked at IamIP and what positions have you held?

I have worked at IamIP from the very beginning so for around 6 years. Prior to IamIP, I was working for ABB as an R&D Engineer as well as an IP analyst. In my role as an IP analyst, I have been involved in the development of an in-house IP analysis software tool to support business decisions and in the execution of several landscapings and patent portfolio assessments.

What’s a typical workday like for you?

On a high level, a very typical day for me is split into three parts:
● supporting our development team in their product enhancement activities
● helping our IamIP Platform users in their work with the tool
● presenting the IamIP Platform to potential new customers as well as supporting our prospects in the testing process

But in many cases does the day evolve very different than it was planned, as important things appear on the fly that needs to be taken care of in a fast manner.

What do you find rewarding about your job?

For me it is most rewarding when I am in touch with our IamIP Platform users and can see that they experience the different value propositions that we have promised them. Seeing how the IamIP Platform and with that the months of planning, discussing and sketching specific features is a pain killer in difficult situations is very nice and rewarding.

What do you find to be the most challenging part of your job?

The most challenging parts of my position as a product manager is to on the one hand manage expectations in terms of the product development as well as identifying the point of where a feature is “good enough” for its purpose. Just on a weekly basis I am receiving averagely more than 100 very good ideas and inputs from within IamIP but as well from our end users on how the IamIP Platform could be developed further, which I am very happy about. Due to limited time and resources there is then always the hard work of prioritising the input to make sure that all our IamIP Platform users benefit the most from new features. When it comes down to the final implementation of a new feature in the IamIP Platform it is then always very difficult to identify the point where an idea has been implemented in a sufficient way so that the main reason behind the request is solved.

What is the most interesting experience you have had while working at IamIP?

Apart from the work with the IamIP Platform I am supporting our clients as well with IP consultancy services. For one of our clients I have been their IP Coordinator for several years, dealing with all kinds of IP related matters: from the patent monitoring with the IamIP Platform across collecting invention disclosures, executing prior art searches and assessing patent drafts. At some point this company has been acquired by a large corporate. One important point for the acquisition was the patent portfolio of the client, where we had managed to establish a portfolio that covered apart from key inventions complementary areas as well as work around solutions. The experience to see the tangible impact of patents and how the patent portfolio could leverage the value and the market position of the company was a very interesting and satisfying experience.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I like to play table tennis and spend time with my friends.

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