"IamIP is very useful in finding out what our competitors are doing" - Marcello Masgrau, Airec AB


”After meeting with IAMIP, I can now understand the strategic value of patents. Before I only saw the costs, says Olof Stranding, the CFO of Piezomotor. Today I feel much more confident in how we handle the risks around patents. Now we are prepared for when competitors eventually enter the market, Olof continues."

PiezoMotor was founded to meet a world need for a new micro-motor technology that would enable the continued development of ever smaller and more advanced products such as mobile phones, tablets and medical devices. The unique technology is based on Swedish, high-tech research.

"We expect competitors to eventually enter the market. Therefore we need to take active steps to keep control over the market. We need to know who is coming, who is acting and who is moving says Johan Westermark, CEO of Piezomotor.”

Understanding the strategic value of patents

Piezomotor has unique, high-tech products, in-house manufacturing and global distribution. With high quality standards and a growing competition, the need for strategically managed patents and a better view over what is happening is clear.

P²ALS, the IAMIP management tool for managing patents and patent information has also boosted the people working with technology development at Piezomotor. They now have a better understanding of the total area of technology.

”Now I feel we can act as a big company, Olof explains.”

Johan Westermark and Olof Stranding

Johan is the CEO and Olof is the CFO of Piezomotor AB.