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Swedish patent agencies can become the best in the world

Some of the biggest challenges that Swedish companies are facing today is very much on shortening development cycles and streamlining innovation- and development processes so that they can better withstand a fast-growing international competition. In order to succeed in this challenge, many companies need stronger and better business support during their process of innovation, product development and management of patent information.

There is a window of opportunity for Swedish patent agencies, with the support of a newly developed IP business tool, to become even more sought-after business consultancies. That statement comes from the relatively young and industry challenging company IAMIP. They are pointing to the largely untapped area that is about the way to help innovative companies to develop and secure their business.

"The business benefits that today are created by skilled but traditional patent counseling could easily multiply, says Dimitris Giannoccaro, CEO and founder of IAMIP."

Help to stimulate company growth factors
Talking to a large number of small and medium sized enterprises, but also quite large and international players, IAMIP has been able to list factors that companies consider to be critical to their business. Here are some of the recurring requests:

  • An intuitive process that supports our development projects.
  • Cost control. It must be easier to make budgets. 
  • Lower costs. We need to understand and experience the value of obtaining a patent.
  • Constant insight into relevant technologies. The development goes so fast. 
  • Eye on competitors. We want to always stay ahead. 
  • Support for business decisions. We want more facts and figures to lean on.
  • Stimulation in our internal innovation processes. We want support in our creative process.

IAMIP see themselves and their IP business tool P²ALS as an innovative "glue” between the companies and the traditional patent consulting industry and their clients. They point out that they are not writing any patent applications and that they do not operate any court case for companies.

"We ourselves have been asking for services that help take advantage of recurring business needs. In the end we got tired of waiting and developed a unique software of our own. It´s a system that is capable of managing the functional and strategical gaps that we complained about, says Dimitris Giannoccaro."

IAMIP has joined the Board at SEPAF
The founder and CEO of IAMIP, Dimitris Giannoccaro was recently appointed Vice Chairman of the Board at SEPAF, the Swedish Patent Association. Today SEPAF is a unifying force for Swedish consulting firms working with intellectual property and assets management.