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UniCarriers streamline their development processes

UniCarriers market leading operations is characterized by intense technological development. The objective - streamline product development.

The company has now entered a partnership with the Swedish think tank IAMIP and their patent management software P²ALS. The objective is to streamline product development processes and, at the same time, find new motivation to innovate.

"We develop innovative solutions that contributes to efficient logistics systems and a good working environment for our customers. These are the most important competitive advantages, says Dan Ulmestrand, Manager, Product and Module Engineering at UniCarriers Europe in Mölnlycke, Sweden. There is an ongoing development and the competition is tough, Dan continues."

A new business tool to spead up important business decisions.
After moving its European headquarters from Germany to the Swedish town Mölnlycke, management is now door to door with the production facilities of warehouse trucks. That means shorter paths for decisions and increased efficiency. But UniCarriers is a global company and there are many people involved in the company's innovation- and development actions. Investing in IAMIP's award-winning software P²ALS, created new opportunities for a more efficient process flow when handling patent information. It also meant new motivation for all people involved. 

"Developing industrial trucks means that you are in an intensive field with respect to patents. We must keep ourselves very well informed about the competitors' patents in order not to risk infringing. At the same time we need to know in which areas we want to protect our own assets. The fact that we are many people involved in the development process is a challenge in itself. Our progress can easily slow down by tedious decision-making and consultation rounds. Therefore, it´s crucial to have an efficient flow where our own and others patent information is easily accesible, That way we can quickly and safely reach the key decision points, Dan Ulmestrand stresses."

Product developers are finding new motivation.
UniCarriers is a technology-intensive company. Managing their own as well as the competitors´patent information in a transparent way is essential. If that´s not the case, the critical product development work becomes risky business. With access to P²ALS, each product developer is more motivated and feels more responsible to engage even more independently in their own area of technology. The reason for that is that the system is so easy to use. It's also easy to share information and insights with others.

"Just the fact that we now have access to all of the world's patents, in our own easily searchable and constantly updated database, allows us to have better control. We are not dependent on someone else. We can easily monitor our competitors and keep track of key technology, sais Dan Ulmestrand. Before, we used to spend a lot of time just to keep us updated. We also paid good money to get help to monitor what happened to individual patents. At the moment we are in the process of creating a smooth work flow. And we can keep the costs down, Dan emphasizes."