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Silicon Valley preparations

When you read this, we are sitting on the plane heading for Silicon Valley. We are about to spend 30 days in the valley, starting on Monday.

In this TINC accelerator programme, a lot of our time will be dedicated to approaching potential new clients in the local area, using the pitching skills that we will learn from TINC.

Our first advice to you that might be in a similar situation

To prepare for meetings with companies we use Linkedin Sales Navigator that help us find relevant prospects quickly. It also makes it easier to get a personal contact, if you are good at explaining why you want to meet that is… Well, the “explaining” is another story that we will most likely return to...

First lesson learned:

Right now, we wonder if we should not have started our preparations a little bit earlier?

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/Startup greetings from Dimitris Giannoccaro and Falah Hosini