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P²ALS is sharpening the management of patent information for Nynas

Nynas is looking for a more effective and strategic management of patent information.

Nynas AB, a global leader in special oils and bitumen in road and industrial applications, initiates collaboration with Swedish software developer IAMIP. Nynas is looking to strengthen the grip on the high-tech and highly competitive market as a function of a more effective and strategic management of patent information.

Developed by IAMIP, the unique and awarded software P²ALS which contains the entire worlds patent is providing users with the ability to manage their own and competitors’ patent information in a smarter and more business oriented way than ever before.

- We have received many indications of the software's ability and capacity but we did not reckon that the positive response would come so quickly, especially from large companies. Sure, it's a capable tool with more than 25,000 development hours and still counting, but we have a whole battery of ground-breaking development projects in the pipeline in which the majority of them are based on the ideas and wishes of our current users, says Dimitris Giannoccaro, CEO and one of the masterminds behind P²ALS.

Nynas AB is going to make business critical decisions with the help of P²ALS.

Today, Nynas is allocating a lot of time consuming energy on Research & Development. Moreover, they have extensive research collaborations with technical universities.

- We're looking for a smoother and faster process for the management of research and development where the link to our business becomes crystal clear. We have looked at several major suppliers of software but IAMIP's business tool P²ALS has a unique built-in logic that we haven’t found anywhere else, says Per Wiklund, research director for specialty oils and responsible for Nynas technical IP.

Increasing awareness as a function of a better work process.

IAMIP Sweden AB, the think tank behind P²ALS, decided from day one to involve the users in the development of the software. The effect speaks for itself as the interest in P²ALS is now growing rapidly. 

- For us at Nynas it was easy to realize what this could mean. P²ALS is easy to use and we are many who need to collaborate in smooth process flows because I am not the only one involved in our development, says Per Wiklund. Moreover, we will get access to an average of 100,000 new patent documents from all over the world, every week. The likelihood that one or more of these documents are affecting our business is significantly large. With the help of P²ALS we will be able to have much better self-control, says Per Wiklund.