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We are very proud to announce a major improvement in our IamIP Platform as we just recently released our new “Patent Examiner View”.

This new release for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, is a direct response to the many requests and feedback from our users who experienced that in-depth reviewing of a long list of patent documents can be time-consuming as they needed to expand each patent document manually to get access the claims and description.

After some intensive discussions on different ways of improving the reviewing process to make it more efficient and through many iterations with our users via different mockups and prototypes etc., we arrived at a final solution.  The newly released examiner view is implemented with the option of expanding specific sections of the document e.g. the claims to dedicated pop-ups that will automatically be synchronized with the main patent list as the user moves along the list to review the next or previous patent.

To open and automatically update the pop-up of a specific section the user clicks on the expansion arrow of the corresponding section of one patent in the list  (see below).

Patent Platfrom

When the user is then scrolling through the patent list or e.g. changes the publication of the corresponding patent family, these pop-ups will automatically update (see the following screenshot). This allows a very fast and efficient review process of a larger data set, as e.g. even the selected highlighting settings are presented in all these pop-ups.


For our expert users we have as well introduced keyboard shortcuts, so by using the “n” or “b” buttons one can directly move to the next or previous patent without the need to use the mouse.

If you would like to try our solution get a free trial here.