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Lively discussions about patent related costs

On 6 May, IAMIP organized a well attended event about patent costs. It was a nice pre-summer evening with lively discussions.

Questions like:

  • What are the industry players doing to make it easier for entrepreneurs and small business owners to manage accelerating annual patent fees and other patent related costs?
  • Why not differentiate the fee model for annual patent fees so that small businesses will have better conditions to grow?
  • What would need to change so that you and your business would dare to spend more on creating and managing patents?
  • Do patent issues get stuck in a short-term profitability stress or do you manage, in your company, to lift patent management to a more strategic level?
These were just some examples of issues on the event agenda where both the expert panel and the audience had a lot to say. IAMIP will continue inviting you to events, seminars and webinars on a regular basis. We will focus on different themes around IP. If you have an IP-theme that is dear to your heart, you are most welcome to send an e-mail to event@iamip.se or call Ola Bergfeldt or Linnea Lindgren at +46 8-33 37 00.