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It´s time for a paradigm shift

As 1 of the 26 hottest start-up businesses chosen by Business Sweden to participate at the Swedish Hotspot at Slush, bringing together 15000 attendees, more than 1700 startups and 800 plus international investors for the two-day event, IAMIP got a clear confirmation of their business concept and the high level of innovation in their cloudbased patent management software P²ALS.

IAMIP is one of the future game changers, and they are encouraged by the entrepreneurial Prince Daniel at the Swedish Royal Court.

What would happen if you removed all the world´s patents?
There would not be many products, electronics, gadgets, constructions, buildings, bridges, roads etcetera left. The modern world as we know it is built on patents. When you realize that – managing, analysing and understanding patent information on a regular basis, will be a competitive way of building long term value into a company.

"IPR services without natural links to the company´s business ambitions is part of the past, says Dimitris Giannoccaro, CEO and Founder at IAMIP.”

It´s time to understand, that to be able to compete successfully in an international market, small and medium sized businesses need help to start building real business value into their companies – based on real facts and numbers. This was confirmed when IAMIP had the opportunity to talk to a number of international investors, specialised in ICT and Big Data and also successful business owners at Slush in Helsinki a few days ago. 

Be among the next generation of great, world-conquering companies
The business intelligence tool P²ALS allows ALL businesses to really understand, value and manage patent information. Until today, this opportunity has not been given to small and medium sized companies at any great extent, although they often represent more than 90 % of all companies in a country, not only in Sweden. So, if you´re a small or medium sized and tech oriented business and no matter if you are based in Sweden or another part of the world, why not get in touch with IAMIP?

"By the way, why don´t we have a forum like Slush in Sweden? We are one of the world's top three countries in terms of innovative power from year to year, according to OECD. We serve as a home for industry-defining technologies and tech companies such as Skype and Spotify. So why do we always let the best businesses and business opportunities slip through our fingers Dimitris concludes?"