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IP Service World 2018


On November 26th -28th, 2018 IamIP was participating in the IP Service World conference held in Munich, keynote speeches from senior IP leaders as Google, IBM and Siemens, and many vendor presentations highlighted how advanced IP platforms try to create a new era of features in collaboration, machine learning, and analytics.

A record audience of over 600+ delegates from over 50+ countries heard how the whole industry is about to become more digitalized. The theme for the whole conference was “IP connecting people” and that is really in line with IamIPs mission: Innovation by collaboration.

It was interesting to listen to new services by IPPH (Intellectual Property Publishing House, of China) which now offers image recognition to find relevant designs based on an uploaded photo alone. It was also interesting to listen that AI is used by patent offices all around the world to assign international patent codes (IPC). Obviously, we are still at the beginning of the AI revolution, but one should be sure that it will have a positive impact on IP management tools and our industry.

In addition, Mr. Thomas Freitag, from one of our customers Melexis, presented how the IamIP platform supports their IP Gates in a different development project in order to secure the freedom to operate but to also identify new innovation. One interesting question that was raised after the presentation was why they selected IamIP, and the answers were that they wanted a cloud solution. That is also a shift in our industry where the solutions go more and more to the cloud.

The last day IamIP had a workshop covering: 


- Competitor Monitoring, 

- State of the Art, 

- Patent in the Innovation Process, 

where we had over 20 companies and 30+ attendees that wanted to learn more about that topic. Dimitris Giannoccaro and Viktor Rudolf that where the presenters during the workshop shared their knowledge and provided the audience with deep insight on how to use patent information in different development projects when you are an organization collaborating with such information.

Do you want to access the presentation or the training material feel free to reach out to Dimitris Giannoccaro or Viktor Rudolf.

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