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Do you want to influence the future standard of patent big data management?

Do you concur with the opinion, that today´s patent big data management tools offer far too limited business development opportunities?

And have you experienced the unnecessary and built-in complexity of such tools when trying to manage and analyse patent big data? Well, that´s all about to change.

I will open the door to the IAMIP ThinkTank™
At IAMIP, we are developing the future standard of tools for patent big data management. We are currently investing close to 1,2 million $ worth of new features and processes to lift our ground breaking and award-winning tool P²ALS to new heights.

P²ALS is designed to enhance business productivity by involving and stimulating multiple functions – within and outside the organization. P²ALS has already opened up a new world of opportunities for innovators, R&D experts, patent experts, technical managers as well as sales and marketing management.

Can you give me two hours of your time?
The IAMIP ThinkTank™ is full of ideas and solutions for setting the standard of managing patent big data primarily generated from our own industrial experience, but our philosophy is to first listen to the industry and then develop and integrate these desired, modern and easy-to-use solutions into P²ALS.

I would like to personally invite you to influence the future standard of managing patent big data, no matter where in the world you are located. We are currently in the early stages of the development process and my few expectations of you are:

  • Be a part of our steering Committee for the development project.
  • Attend monthly web meetings (approx. 1 hour/meeting).
  • Attend 1 workshop.
  • Give feedback on requirement specifications.

You are most likely an IP decision maker within a company. Maybe you are also in charge of a patent management tool in your company.

Please get in touch with me as soon as possible.

Dimitris Giannoccaro
Founder and CEO of IAMIP
+46 70 752 66 66