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In the footsteps of legends

As a last preparation for our new venture in Silicon Valley, we felt the need to get one last inspiration from one of the most inspirational innovators of the valley, the late Steve Jobs.

When we realized that we actually lived only 200 meters away from the house that Steve Jobs spent his last years, and where he died, on 2101 Waverley Street, Palo Alto, we took a walk to the house. We stood there for quite some time, admiring the simplicity of the house despite the idyllic high standard of the surrounding houses. Right then and there, I came to think of one of his most famous inspirational quotes 

− “I would rather gamble on our vision than make a (me too) product”…

If you come to Palo Alto, I recommend you to take the opportunity to visit this beautiful neighborhood to get inspired. Many of today´s famous innovators live in the valley, Mark Zuckerberg for example.

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