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IamIP will support small and medium sized high tech companies in Germany in their work with monitoring competition and protecting Intellectual Property

Cologne, Germany, 22 March 2018 –Today IamIP, a leading SaaS Platform provider in the Intellectual Property industry, announces that Patentverein, a German branch organisation for medium sized technology companies, has become a new important client to IamIP. Thereby, IamIP is continuing its aggressive expansion into the DACH region. 

“To monitor competition’s actions in the intellectual property world as well as the development of technology trends are essential when it comes to succeed – and survive – as a high tech company”, says Dimitris Giannoccaro CEO and Founder of IamIP. “Traditionally these are a time consuming and complex task that smaller companies struggle to manage. IamIP has through innovative big data functionality made competition and technology patent monitoring automatic and combined it with powerful visualization technology that show the most strategic insights based on Global patent data.” 

The IamIP platform offers patent management at its best: strategic and actionable insights in technology, competition and trends; dynamic collaboration between R&D and IP departments (other departments and external suppliers as well); monitoring of competition, trends and profitability, and much more.

“Our partnership with IamIP is of significant importance to our members”, concludes Dr. Heiner Flocke, CEO of iC-Haus GmbH and a chairman of the Patenverein. “For small and medium sized companies it can be an unbearable task to efficiently monitor competition and third party intellectual property, as well as take critical action in time when it comes to evaluating and protecting your intellectual property assets. This is crucial to ensure “Freedom to Operate” for own developments and products. and IamIP offers a digital platform that does that automatically for us. This will not only help us save time and money, but more importantly we will be able to identify future risks in due time and prepare ourselves. In this way we can defend our businesses in a very competitive environment where smaller companies often react too late or do not have the required resources to act”.

“This is a new type of partnership for IamIP and we are very excited we can offer smaller companies the full power of our platform by them acting together through their branch organisation. We look forward to see these companies maximize the value of their intellectual property portfolios, grow faster and beat competition by working through the IamIP platform”, finishes Mr. Giannoccaro.


IamIP has digitalized one of the last few paper-based and manually handled industries, the complex intellectual property industry. This industry is plagued by complexity with over 2.7 M new patents filed every year (growing), and $20Bn+ is lost in double work in R&D in Europe alone. IamIP’s platform enables technology based companies to easily overview and evaluate their intellectual property portfolios, monitor competition and get valuable strategic insights – in time - for determining decision-making in innovation.


The main focus of Patentverein (www.patentverein.de) is to support the German ”Mittelstand” (medium sized companies, the backbone of the German industry) in  patent matters. Members get support when it comes to all hands on actions regarding patents including the use of IamIP. Patentverein give their members a strong voice towards politics, media and authorities. Patentverein fights against the misuse of the patent system, e.g. by filing trivial patents.

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Sophia Fahlen
CMO, IamIP Sverige AB
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