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IamIP Launches Rebranding Project

IamIP Sverige AB is happy to announce its rebranding project involving a new logotype and brand communication.

Stockholm, 27 September 2017. IamIP Sverige AB is happy to announce its rebranding project involving a new logotype and brand communication. The reason behind is to better explain the purpose of IamIP, its brand name and provide a strong branding platform for its international expansion.

About the brand name IamIP

IamIP means I am IP (short for Intellectual Property) and will be exclusively used to describe the company and patent management platform.*

The new logo is enhancing the IP part of the brand name, because it is essential for the future of innovation-driven companies. Intellectual Property is believed to be a bureaucratic and costly process, when in fact it is the core asset of innovation-driven companies. The IamIP platform offers strategic and actionable insights, efficient collaboration, monitoring of competition, trends and profitability, and much more. It eventually turns the Intellectual Property of the company into its most valuable asset. This way, the IamIP platform is essential for our clients in becoming the best experts in Intellectual Property, supporting them in their quest to take lead in innovation in their particular industry.

I stands for Innovation

A stands for Alerts (Search Alerts)

M stands for Monitor (Monitor competitors and trends)

I stands for Intellectual (referring to both Property and People)

P stands for Profitability (profitable management of IP)


About the logotype

There are three prime colours: blue, green and red. These three colours can create any other color. This symbolizes the creativity that the IamIP solution offers: if you have the perfect combination of our

“I” - Innovative entrepreneurial team (GREEN),

“A & M” (Alerts & Monitoring, core functionality of our platform (RED)

“I & P” - expertise in Profitable management of Intellectual property & expertise in IP (BLUE)

there are infinite opportunities and benefits created from Intellectual Property. If these prime colours are perfectly mixed they create white light – something we want to symbolize our vision with: To take lead in innovation. With the perfect combination of our entrepreneurial mindset, platform and expertise you will become the absolute leader of innovation in your industry.

*IamIP previously named its platform P2ALS. This name will no longer be in use.