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IAMIP growing in Norway

The Swedish think tank and software developer IAMIP has had international ambitions since the start in 2013. The company's cloud-based business tool P²ALS, for managing patent information, works equally well no matter where in the world you are.

P²ALS has a unique scalability to suit different business needs. Right now there is a growing interest for P²ALS in Norway.

"We really can´t see any limits for our unique software. The patent system is very homogeneous, no matter where in the world you are. A clear sign of the market potential, is a number of internationally active companies showing interest, says Dimitris Giannoccaro, CEO and founder of IAMIP. Norway has been with us from the beginning more or less. Already at an early stage we met a successful technology development company in Kristiansand and with that as a base, our growth journey in Norway accelerates, Dimitris continues."

Quick decisions in Norwegian companies
IAMIP's Norwegian sister company Lean IPR will now become IAMIP Norway as the business accelerates. The Norwegian and Swedish markets are asking for more or less the same services. But there seems to be a difference in the speed of decision-making according to Odd-Jone Linnebo, the CEO of IAMIP Norway.

"One should probably not generalize and say that Norwegian companies always take faster decisions, but we feel that the Norwegian technology-intensive companies that we meet, quickly realize the new business opportunities that our software delivers. And it´s often the executive management who makes the decision, Odd-Jone clarifies."

An innovation Hub in Kristiansand
IAMIP Norway have their headquarters in Kristiansand in the southern part of Norway. They are stationed in a new innovation house, created by the company Viking Development Group. The high and creative ambitions of the innovation house is fully in line with the future plans of IAMIP.

"From this location, our opportunities to offer our unique services to both small innovative companies and to larger, technology-intensive businesses, is perfect. And with even better common resources, Odd-Jone says. To give an example; we have more access to IAMIP's unique and industry-based IP expertise and that is a significant advantage for our Norwegian customers according to Odd-Jone."