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We are very happy to announce that we have concluded the major enhancement of the Rankings from a personal user input item to a global organisational wide item, like the tags. Thus, it is now possible to centrally prepare a ranking structure for all users.

The effect of this update of the IamIP Platform is that

● The reviewing processes can be more harmonized as all users can use the same rankings,

 ● Relevant ranking types are quicker found and selected, and

 ● The ranking availability can be centrally maintained to the specific needs of the according portfolio/monitoring

Thus, when a new ranking type is created it is directly available to be used in all portfolios/monitorings. So there is no need to maintain an own list of rankings anymore and align that with other users ranking types.

Furthermore, each portfolio/monitoring has now received a dedicated Rankings management section, where the owner or extended access users can define which rankings shall be available. This will avoid the activation of ranking types that are not of relevance for the specific purpose of the portfolio/monitoring. Furthermore, accidental activation or deactivation of ranking types will as well be avoided by this specific section.