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Conferences in October


IamIP had a very busy time lately due to our new platform release but we do not rest on the laurels. In October, we took part in two, very interesting conferences in Germany and Austria. Read the article to find out more.

The Arbeitskreis Patente StuttgartArbeitskreis Patente- Stuttgart, Germany

For IAMIP this conference was a very good experience, as we joined a group of people representing different companies for IP matters from an area where most of them knew each other quite well already. This was very helpful when we had the opportunity to present what we can offer them, especially since one of the participants is a customer. 

We knew upfront that this group consists of experienced people who know what they want, understand and reflect on their own processes and their daily business. We had some very good conversations while presenting and got a lot of ideas from the audience and very interesting questions. The conference resulted in an exchange of business cards and many one-to-one discussions with companies, who wanted to find out more about how IamIP can support them.

 Fachkonferenzv2 Fachkonferenz Patente, Vienna, Austria

The IP Event in Vienna was very special for IAMIP and all the participants since this was the first event dedicated just for IP matters in Austria which was not some kind of informative event, usually organized by the Austrian Patent Office. 

The participants consisted of people from innovative companies, sharing their daily challenges with IP and IP software vendors, sharing ideas on how to overcome those daily obstacles. A lot of very good and fruitful discussions throughout the whole event combined with a very nice atmosphere, made this event a success for IAMIP. 

Hats off to Mrs. Therese Tinauer and her team for the splendid organization and the timely support during the event. We would be happy to partner up with her and her team again in 2019.