• We are looking for Thought Leaders to The IP Magic Group


    I guess you are a person who move and inspire people with your ideas. And you probably spend more time outside than inside the box. You like to tell and show friends, fans and colleagues why and how your ideas can make a positive change in a company, or why not in an industry or across an entire system.

    In The IP Magic Group we continuously share unique business insights with our followers and all the people that we reach. We write about innovation, R&D, internationalisation, smarter this and better that... Almost always with a connection to the utilisation of patent information specifically and from time to time also about IP in a broader sense. The business value of managing intellectual property rights and assets in a smarter way is in focus.

    Our blog posts are supposed to be inspiring and easy to read. We want to increase the attractiveness of managing patent information with the aim to strengthen business opportunities, especially in small and medium sized companies where this is often a dangerously neglected area.

    When and how?
    If you want to be one of our Thought Leaders, I would like you to show your interest by October 30 the latest. Please contact Ola Bergfeldt at or inbox on my LinkedIn profile

    I´m looking forward to hearing from you!

About the blog

The blog will share business insights based on our experience about how to manage intellectual property assets and rights in a smart way. We will also share best practice from working with the world's most innovative companies. Get to know IamIP better by following our key events from our entrepreneurial journey aiming at revolutionising the intellectual property world.

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