• The Silicon Valley effect. A social media experiment


    It has probably not escaped any of our friends and followers that we have spent 30 days in Silicon Valley. We learned a lot during this period.

    We have had the privilege to participate in the mind changing TINC program, the accelerator for Nordic disruptive tech startups.

    As we promised you from the start of our 30 days Silicon Valley experience, we would share our experiences and publish good advice, which we have. Even though we have just landed on Swedish soil, we will continue to share a few more tips so stay tuned.

    The social media experiment

    We wanted to find out if and how the 3 social media channels Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn managed to communicate our advice-based posts. Of course we are well aware that it´s very much up to our own communication skills and our understanding of how the various channels works. With this said, this is our own conclusions from having posted more or less 1 post every day, for 30 days:


    The fact that we can “tag” people and companies has made Twitter the best channel for us when it comes to generating new and truly relevant followers and retweets. We have had about 11.000 impressions (a crazy big number for us) over the last 28 days, without buying any marketing efforts.

    Posting without images or videos has really been worthless for us. It seems like a post without images or videos just goes unnoticed.

    Our Tweets has also generated an unmatched number of links to our blog on during this period.


    We decided to give FB a chance to prove itself as a campaign forum while staying in Silicon Valley. We also decided to buy some of the FB marketing efforts and pinpoint markets, target groups, reach etc using the tool that FB offers.

    As far as attention is concerned we did ridiculously well. For example we could spend 25 $ on a post that, without marketing efforts would get us about 450 impressions and WITH the tiny marketing effort would reach 10-15.000 impressions in just a few days. The problem is that the FB marketing tool is not capable of reaching the right target group. I´m not going into details about where the attention mostly came from but what I can say is that about 1-5 % hit the target…

    We experienced exactly the same thing as with Twitter. Without good images and/or videos, nothing much happens. Posts with videos on the other hand is a total success.

    Images and videos where you can see and listen to real people is also a success factor in FB. Well hey, it´s called Facebook...

    Unlike Twitter, Facebook has not generated so many interconnections to, probably because FB didn´t hit the target at all. FB has a lot to prove to a business like ours.


    LinkedIn has proven to be a great carrier of content for us during the Silicon Valley experience. The more we write, the more and better attention we seem to get. The people that also visit are not that many, but they are super relevant to us. Next step will be to buy some marketing efforts and see what happens.

    Today we have a company page at LinkedIn, a sub page with product based communication only and a group page. That is definitely too many forums. We will most likely close the group page for the moment.

    Stay tuned for more advoce from Silicon Valley, although we are back home in Sweden now.

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