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  • The IamIP 2017 Year in Review


    IamIP’s CEO Dimitris Giannoccaro reflects on the most important developments in 2017 and shares some thoughts about the intellectual property world in 2018

    2017 has been a year full of action in the Intellectual Property world. The industry is quickly developing thanks to digitalisation and entrepreneurship. We have made it our vision and purpose to revolutionize this industry by unleashing the power of patents.

    For IamIP 2017 was an eventful year, where our main accomplishment was to create a solid stepping stone for future aggressive expansion. We launched the most important platform generation ever, improved the team massively, changed the logo completely and much much more. Below you can read more about 10 key events for us this year. To make a long story short – we are ready to take on 2018 in full force!

    #1 – IamIP launched its most powerful patent platform ever

    #2 – IamIP raised 10 MSEK from Swedish Venture Capitalist ACACIA

    #3 - Big stand at the Hannover Messe in Hamburg. Apart from offering the present technology firms free competitor analyses and demos of our platform we also offered the best popcorn in Germany making the IamIP afterwork gathering the most popular in the whole fair.

    #4 – IamIP launched a brand new logotype to better support what we stand for, what we want to achieve and help understanding the brand name better.

    #5 – Key note speaker at IP World Summit in Amsterdam, IP Service World in Munich and EPO in Sofia. 2017 was the year when IamIP definitely started to receive international recognition.

    #6 – IamIP raised additional 8 MSEK from German Venture Capitalist Senovo Capital

    #7 – IamIP welcomed our fantastic Solution Sales Advisors Aleksandar and Björn that quickly speeded up our expansion in the Scandinavian region

    #8 – Eldina, Anja and Viktor – our German superstars – lead the way into the big and important DACH region. Amongst others, IamIP signed German giants Melexis and INGUN as new clients – a good indication how IamIP is starting to build momentum in the DACH region.

    #9 – IamIP launched a brand new website making sure we not only are great at what we do – but we also look great. The new website is much more interactive and pedagogical, supporting the understanding of the complex IP world and the power of our platform.

    #10 IamIP launched its new office in Cologne, Germany to support its aggressive expansion into the DACH region. The team is growing and in January 2018 you will learn some of the smart global tech giants that picked IamIP to support their innovation and IP workflows…

    As a final note gratitude is in order. I want to thank all my hardworking co-workers making IamIP what it is. On behalf of the IamIP team we want to thank all our clients for supporting us and constantly pushing us to be the best that we can. We look forward to develop together and have a really important and successful journey together!

    2018 - let the revolution begin for real!

    Dimitris and the IamIP team

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