• The entrepreneur hero is a myth!


    This time I would like to share with you, some good advice from Julie Hanna on how to succeed with the leadership and management of a startup.

    An entrepreneur with the mindset of “I need to prove that I can do it myself” is a danger to the startup. You must understand that the more successful you are, the harder it gets, the faster things move and the more challenging it becomes. You need to have coaches and advisors to succeed, it´s that simple. Remember; the entrepreneur hero is a myth.

    Follow these advice and you will minimize the risk of becoming the biggest obstacle for your own success.

    1. A good coach/advisor is one that has the right chemistry and one that gives advice from a place of experience, not a place of theory. It is ok if your coach has failed, but they need to also have succeeded. For example he/she needs to be someone who knows what success feels like.
    2. Your CEO needs (and it might be you) to be a leader with inspiration. Never a manager going for risk minimization because:
      1. Management is about leading with the down-side of risk minimization.
      2. Leadership is about leading with the up-side of maximizing opportunities.
    3. A startup should aspire to have a high functioning Board that helps you maximize the upside, where they act as your partner and have a bias to support. Avoid having a low functioning Board where they lack skills, create investor conflicts or show low trust.
    4. The successful startups are always those where the founder’s relations are built on trust, respect and credibility whether communicating, solving problems or making decisions.
    5. To retain a good talent, you need to highly reward the great ones, in order of magnitude compared to others. You need to create a culture of valuing regardless of the hierarchal position of the employee.

    Stay tuned for more startup advice from Silicon Valley!

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