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  • IamIP’s coverage of Scandinavian full-text patents extended back to 1960s


    The Nordic nations have dominated the list of top 15 innovative countries for many years and they are known for their strong entrepreneurial spirit fostering innovation at its best. Companies such as #IKEA, #Vestas, #SKF, #Scania, #Skype, #Volvo, #Nokia, #Spotify and many more are outstanding examples of what the Nordics can create. IAMIP with its headquarters in Sweden has been founded thanks to our inherited love for technology and innovation.

    Sweden as a part of the Nordics has for many years in a row been one of the most innovative countries in the world. According to the latest Bloomberg Innovation Index which analyses dozens of criteria using up to seven metrics, including research and development spending, manufacturing capability and concentration of high-tech public companies, Sweden dropped from a proud 2nd place to a 7th place, Finland jumped from a 7th place to a strong 3rd place, Denmark dropped from a 8th place to an 11th place and Norway dropped from a 15th place to 17th place. According to SVD (Svenska Dagbladet), Sweden needs to do something about this.

    Since the start of the new millennium according to figure 1, the number of patents filed in the Nordics has constantly been decreasing. In 2017 for example, less than 10.000 patents were filed in the Nordic countries. One may, therefore, wonder if the Nordics can still be considered so innovative if they contribute to less than 1% of the total number of patents filed worldwide per year?

    Comparison of annually filed patent applications in the Nordics

    Figure 1: Comparison of annually filed patent applications in the Nordics (source: https://www3.wipo.int/ipstats/ipslinechart)

    But let’s focus on the word innovation. According to Wikipedia innovation is defined as a "new idea, creative thoughts, new imaginations in the form of device or method" and should therefore not be directly linked to the number of patent filings. According to WIPO, a patent is defined as an exclusive right granted for a technical invention. To get a patent granted many criteria need to be fulfilled.

    Patent filings in the Nordics 2015-2017

    Figure 2: Patent filings in the Nordics 2015-2017 (source: https://www3.wipo.int/ipstats/ipslinechart)

    An increase in innovation is usually connected with the rate of the rise of patent filings and considering figure 2, the only Nordic country that increased their patent filings in the last year was Finland. (If you are interested in more, see my previous blog where China has taken the dominant lead in the number of patents filed.)

    Up until now, patent information for the Nordic market had only been available in IAMIPs platform with titles and abstracts. But based on feedback from our existing fortune 500 customers and users that want to be able to perform full-text searches in Scandinavian languages, IAMIPs Chief Product Officer Viktor Rudolf, decided in 2017 to implement a systematic program to enhance the global collection on IAMIP’s existing database coverage.

    The Scandinavian region has fostered outstanding companies in the automotive, manufacturing and telecom areas and of course if you are active in these areas you need to be sure that you have access to all data regardless of the language”, says Viktor Rudolf.

    IAMIP now offers Scandinavian full-text data coverage within its IamIP Platform. The full-text data covers original Scandinavian languages as well as English machine translations for all patent applications, granted patents, utility models and designs from the 1960s onwards. Furthermore, IamIP as well receives all new published Scandinavian documents on a weekly basis with the original and translated full-text data, so that even the weekly monitoring processes of our clients will benefit from this database extension.

    “Our customers can now set-up more efficient patent monitorings in an original Scandinavian language or English language. From now on they can as well execute more accurate prior art searches or FTO analysis to identify actionable insights in their daily business”, says Viktor Rudolf.

    By offering high-quality translations, our customers can now mitigate the risk of losing important information about their competitors as well as ensure they do not miss out on important patent applications in their patent monitoring’s processes.

    “I have talked to many of our customers that are competing with Scandinavian companies whose monitoring profile, only consist of English words and unfortunately they put themselves at risk of missing out on important documents as a consequence. One of the reasons why some technology companies file patents in a non-English language is to make it more difficult for third parties to interpret what they are doing”, says Viktor Rudolf.

    Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive and trusted translated data. With the addition of the Scandinavian full-text data, IamIP has strongly increased the full-text coverage of its database. Now customers will have automatic access and can review technical content found in more than 1 million Scandinavian patent documents.

    To learn how IAMIP enables innovation by collaboration, or to compare the quality in your Scandinavian documents book a demo, click here.

    My name is Dimitris Giannoccaro, I support technology driven companies to unleash the power of patents. 

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