“The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them.” Sir William Bragg


  • After Hannover Messe 2019


    Make digital transformation tangible – that was HANNOVER MESSE 2019 promise, and once again #hm2019 proved that it is the world’s most important fair. Over 2500 of the 6500 exhibitors have at least one patent in their portfolio, corresponding to an increase of more than 10% over last year’s fair #hm2018. This means that almost 40% of the exhibitors are protecting their solutions with #patents proving that #patents are becoming more and more important if a company wants to be the leader in #digitization and #industry40.

    This is why we at IAMIP are revolutionizing the IP industry by offering our award-winning platform IAMIP to all technology companies.

    This year’s fair with Sweden as the partner country was staged under the showcase motto “ Sweden Co-Lab ”, and was all about innovation and collaboration. As Köckler put it: “Sweden impressed as a powerhouse of creative ideas for tomorrow’s technological solutions: liberal-minded, agreeable and highly innovative.” Companies such as #IKEA, #SKF, #Scania, #Skype, #Volvo, #Spotify and many more are outstanding examples of what Sweden can create. #IAMIP with its headquarters in Sweden has been founded thanks to our inherited love of technology and innovation and as an exhibitor for the third year in a row, we managed to attract over 1000 visitors indicating big interest in our patent platform. The team managed to connect to over 250 business contacts which will provide an opportunity for their technology companies to further evaluate the unique #IAMIP platform developed by #Sweden.

    In addition, our CEO Dimitris Giannoccaro was invited on the first day by #Continental at their stage to talk about the Swedish StartUp scene and the value which IamIP brings to technology companies. #Continental thank you for inviting me and Daniel Grimes and Lizette Granget. Thank you for all the support, you are amazing.

    We were also very happy to have many students coming by our booth asking many questions about #innovation and #patents and how it is to be a patent engineer in a patent office and in the industry. Our patent expert Viktor Rudolf shared his views on the topic and had good discussions on how it is to work as an IP consultant in general and at IAMIP in particular. Hopefully, more students will select patent engineering as a career path in the near future and who knows, maybe some will apply to IAMIP, we are constantly looking for talented people.

    The next HANNOVER MESSE will run from 20 to 24 April 2020, with Indonesia as the official Partner Country. But as usual good times coming to an end: #HM19 is finished. We are looking forward to seeing you at #hm20 #SeeYouNextYear #IAMIP #IAMOUT #PatentManagementSoftware #IP #industrie40 #digitization

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