• How to spread your message to a wider audience


    We had a very interesting meeting on this subject with our mentor Rashmi Menon. Rashmi is a very experienced “product and strategy consultant”, specializing in bringing small company agility to big companies and big company scalability to startups.

    Although these advice may seem obvious when you read them, not many live by these rules… For us, it was yet another enlightening insight on the subject, and we are happy to share it with you.

    Rely on social media to get your message across

    News advertisements and press releases is not the most effective way to achieve the desired reach. Instead, rely on social media to get your message across, build a following and become an influencer. To be effective you need to make sure that you have good content and offer value in your blogs. Follow some of these simple rules:

    1. Prepare a content plan for your blog posts and post as often as possible, and why not on a daily basis. Or:
    2. Repost other people’s blogs that convey similar messages, but remember to always add your take on the value.
    3. Avoid posting blogs about your product in any direct way as this can have an opposite effect. However, there is no harm in occasionally giving hints to your product and how it could solve problems or how it alleviates a customer pain. To be clear − use “problem messaging” not “product messaging”.
    4. Occasionally test on-line advertising on some of your more powerful blogs to spread your message and increase your following. This is a cheap way of getting the message across to a larger audience.
    5. Choose the right social media channels for your blogging depending on your customer base.

    Stay tuned for more advice from Silicon Valley on a daily basis.

    /Falah Hosini and Dimitris Giannoccaro

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