• How to build habit forming products


    Another day of our journey and yet another inspirational and very interesting talk by Nir Eyal, the author of a book entitled “Hooked”.

    This time we learned that you need to design your application or tool for getting the user hooked to your application − not design an application that you believe will attract more users or looks great or has awesome interface. As a SaaS developer, we got totally hooked on this presentation!

    So, what makes millions of users get hooked on tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Slack or even the mobile phone and always feel the urge to want to log in as often as possible − sometimes 100 times a day?

    The answer is “the Hook”

    An experience designed to connect the user’s problem to your solution. This four step hooking process consist of:

    • Trigger
    • Action
    • Reward
    • Investment

    Firstly, you have to identify your customer internal triggers. What triggers them to use your tool? Is it:

    • Emotions?
    • Routines?
    • Situations?

    We realized that the trigger in our own tool is in the form of our search alerts and monitoring, where the user is triggered to follow a for example competitor technology development or track a single patent.

    The user wants a reward

    Next, an action is needed that gives the user a reward. For example:

    • Scrolling or searching in Google or pressing play on a YouTube-film.
    • Or in the case of our tool P²ALS where the user is triggered when he/she gets a notification and acts by clicking on the alert to get the reward − to see what the competitor is doing or what has happened to the patent.

    The user invests in the tool for future benefits

    “Investments store value”. Going back to our own tool, the investment is when the user tags and ranks patents and adds comments, which adds significant value to the user.

    Try to apply this in your product

    If you can follow “the Hook” in your application, you have probably created the tool that hooks your users by the thousands/millions. We realized that our tool follows “the Hook”, but to get even more users to get the habit of using our tool, we have now included this process in our software development.

    If you want to know more about this and the methodology from the master Nir Eyal, go to his webpage

    /Falah Hosini and Dimitris Giannoccaro reporting from TINC in Silicon Valley

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