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  • Big premiere! New Release - Version 2 of the IamIP platform


    The IamIP platform has been developed with simplicity and speed in mind. The situation and frustration in many IP departments in companies today are their lack of overview, time-consuming processes when reviewing hundreds of patents, ineffective communication through endless amounts of emails when in need of feedback about a specific patent.

    As we, the founders behind IamIP, ourselves used to work in the industry, we were well aware of today’s limitations and therefore decided to build what we were missing, a truly customer-oriented patent software that fulfills the market needs and boosts efficiency in IP and other departments. However, we haven't expected such a success story - today the IamIP Platform is used by large fortune 500 enterprise companies around the world as well as young local start-ups.


    We are proud to announce that the second generation of our IamIP platform has now finally been released. The first generation platform, when introduced in 2014, was at that time ahead of the competition when it comes to effective processes and workflow of patent information in an organization. The newly released and updated generation has even taken a giant leap forward, developed in close cooperation with our clients and based on their feedback, regarding all aspects of the platform. Thousands of hours have been invested by our own in-house development team in making the new generation platform even better.

    Beside many other improvements, the new features consist of following:

    New Deja Vu Function

    Do you sometimes think you have seen a certain patent before in your platform? Now you won´t have to spend time analyzing patents you have already seen before. The system will tell when, where and why it was saved or commented on for some reason. You will save so much time on this feature.

    State of the Art Search Capabilities

    As former patent examiners, we know, that good search capabilities are of crucial interest for every IP department. That's why we have rethought and remade everything to offer you the very best searching functionalities on the market in our platform. It suits non-experts as well as search-experts with different and completely renewed intuitive interfaces.

    Intuitive Sharing and Collaboration Functionalities

    The sharing and collaboration have always been the most important parts of the IamIP platform. It is now even easier to send out patents for feedback to individuals or a group of people, no need to follow up as the systems will send out reminders. The feedback is then automatically stored together with the patent, so you won´t have to update it in any other place. No manual input is needed, and the information will always be up to date to all users, depending on access rights of course.

    Smart Patent Monitoring

    Our smart patent monitoring service allows you to define notifications about 3rd party patents. We know time is crucial, that’s why we have implemented processes to minimize the time needed to go through and analyze patents.

    Want to see it yourself?

    Of course, you can try it out but first, we´d like to hear about you and your challenges. We will then define a pilot period of testing including key milestones when the trial period is over it is not difficult to take a go or no-go decision.

    The way the platform works will definitely improve collaboration and speed up the daily work in all IP related departments of many companies. We have removed many manual and time-consuming steps and digitalized all processes, just like you would expect it for a state-of-the-art software from 2018. The amount of patents published is constantly increasing and the need for a smart and effective tool is a must to handle all this information.

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