• At last, the TINC start in Silicon Valley


    We have prepared a bunch of good startup advice already in this early stage of our TINC program.

    The time has arrived for the start of our 4 weeks of intensive accelerator program. Åse Bailey and Anne Lidgard, in the photo, are introducing our full day workshops, networking activities and hands-on mentoring.

    We were also quickly and spontaneously introduced in the “TINC movie”, directed by Donnie Lygonis as you can see here.

    The day started by a nice introduction of the program from the Nordic Innovation House team. It was a soft landing for us and we had some practical guidelines on presentation techniques of value propositions, made by two gurus, Nathan Gold and Victor Belfor.

    Smart and directly helpful advice

    Nathan and Viktor made the presentation technique sound simple, but I can tell you, we need to put a lot of hard work to master these advice. However, we had 3 takes on this to start with:

    1. Your value proposition shall be adapted to the 3 types of audience; Investors, customers/partners and everybody else.
    2. If you want the audience to RELATE to, REMEMEBER and RETELL your value proposition, you should use story telling when you present your value proposition. We came to think of Simon Sinek…… The following two interesting quotes made by Nathan captured our attention;
      1. “Don't make yourself special. Make your process special." By Craig Valentine. And: 
      2. "Make the audience the hero in your talk, not you." by John K Bates.
    3. Your value proposition shall provide answers to four questions in any order:
      1. What is your product (software, app etc.)
      2. What does it exactly do? Or what problem it solves?
      3. Who is your product helping? And:
      4. How is the problem solved by others today?

    Therefore, do not underestimate the value of creating a good value proposition, because in the end of the day, when meeting investors, potential clients, this is the only think that will get their attention and curiosity.

    If you´re interested in future TINC programmes, have a look at this:

    Stay tuned for more of our Silicon Valley experiences and daily advice.

    /Falah and Dimitris

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