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Asian companies are quickly securing patents globally

Asian companies are quickly securing patents globally ensuring market monopolies in future technologies for many years to come. In 2016, Asian companies filed as many patent applications as Europe and USA combined.

The number of filed patent applications globally has since 2009 started to grow rapidly – today 100.000 new patent documents are added every week. From a rather slow growth (single digit percentages) in patent applications coming mainly from European and US companies, Asian companies have now in recent years started a strong patent application activity globally. In 2016, Asian companies filed as many patent applications as Europe and USA combined.

“It is important that European and US companies start to pay attention to the patent applications made in Europe and the US coming from Asian companies. By securing patents in new technology fields they secure a freedom to operate globally for many years to come. This has already started to affect European and US companies, and with the current growth pace it will be a significant game changer very soon” says Dimitris Giannoccaro, CEO IamIP Sverige AB. 

With the strong growth in patent applications the complexity is increasing and thus it is necessary for companies to identify those that might impact their business, to follow technical trends & to find new opportunities. SKF is one of the world’s leaders when it comes to innovation & managing a broad Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio successfully. Efficient work processes & taking advantage of digitalisation by working with the platform provider IamIP are two of several important ways that SKF now is maximising the value of its IP portfolio.

SKF and IamIP will be at the Hannover Messe. An important speech about these challenges by SKF’s IA&IP Manager Mitja Schonecke will take place in Hall 14, Stand L19 24 Apr. 2017, 04:00 PM - 04:20 PM. IamIP will be present at Hannover Messe, Hall 19, Stand B72 throughout the whole week 24-28 April.

About IamIP 

IamIP has digitalized one of the last few paper-based industries; the complex intellectual property industry. This industry is plagued by ever growing complexity with over 2.7 M new patents filed every year, and by the €20Bn+ wasted investment in double work in R&D in Europe alone. IamIP’s software platform enables technology-based companies to easily overview and evaluate their intellectual property portfolios, monitor competitors and get valuable strategic insights - in time to make informed decisions on innovation. IamIPs customers include MacGregor, ABB and Nynas.

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