Investor Relations

We are very proud to be supported by two leading venture capital firms, Acacia and Senovo, with a B2B SaaS focus in Europe:


- Stockholm based Venture Capital firm

- invests in early stage companies with the TECH sector

- focused on B2B SaaS and B2B consulting investments

- 11 portfolio companies

“IAMIP’s powerful software platform is revolutionizing the Intellectual Property world by replacing existing inefficient legacy tools,” said Per Skyttvall, Investment Manager at ACACIA.

 “This software platform is state-of-the-art and essential for the future of innovation in technology driven companies. We at ACACIA are excited to support IAMIPs international growth.”


- Munich based Venture Capital firm

- Focused on early stage B2B SaaS investments

- 18 portfolio companies

"IamIP is essential for the future of innovation-driven companies,” said Dr. Alexander Buchberger, Partner at Senovo Capital Management. 

“Intellectual Property is believed to be a bureaucratic and costly process, when in fact it is the core asset of innovation-driven companies. The IamIP platform offers strategic and actionable insights, efficient collaboration, monitoring of competition, trends and profitability, and much more. It eventually turns the Intellectual Property of the company into its most valuable asset, which places IamIP in an indispensable position” concludes Dr. Buchberger.