”As a result of using iamip, Senion now has a much more complete and cost effective monitoring of patents" David Törnqvist, CTO and co-founder of Senion

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We would like to present great webinars to excel your work with the IamIP platform:

Presented by Christina Nordstrom and highly appreciated by our clients:

" Thank Your for the perfect webinar and also for the slides. -clear, crisp, understandable, perfect timing, valuable and good content, idea-igniting, application relevant"

Schedule for the upcoming weeks:

* due to the holiday break we will hold the scheduled webinars untill September

You can always request a webinar on demand.

Christina Nordstrom is responsible for customer’s adoption of & success in working with the IamIP platform. She has. 35+ years of experience in supporting companies in maximizing their IP efforts

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