"The platform is ground-breaking in its user friendliness, collaboration possibilities and visualisation of data - we have not found anything like it before.” Ph.Dr. Christian Schott, Global Intellectual Property Manager, Melexis



Trusted by the world’s most innovative companies, IamIP’s patent management software provides a secure, web-based portal for centrally managing and searching all published patents worldwide – from the published individual patents to setting up patent monitoring, sharing, commenting, watching legal status, collaborating and more. With robust patent analytics, IP departments and business units can make informed strategic decisions about what, where and when to take important action; i.e. filing a patent application opposition, patent infringement cases, acquire a company or technology, or to develop a new technology with a thorough understanding of financial implications of such decisions, their potential risks and opportunities for maximizing value in intellectual property.

The IamIP Intellectual Property software includes all the features below with the possibility of adding many other features as well.


Access the world’s patent databases and extract business intelligence

IamIP's patent software has a proprietary patent database with more than 100 million individual patents from around the world and we are adding up to 100.000 new patent publications every week. The patent search engine provides excellent patent search possibilities, and with our new unique interface you can make prior art searches just like a patent examiner. With the sophisticated patent monitoring service based on automatic searches (Search Alerts, SDI), optimized for quick review, you can quickly look for relevant patent publications. You can define specific searches in order to track competition secure your freedom to operate, technology evolution or input and every week the system will notify selected users. There are configurable workflows for each alert where multiple actions can be handled. Patent monitoring are received every week, month or quarterly. Capture the most up-to-date, relevant competitive Intelligence for your business and increase your current awareness with regular IamIP patent monitorings on newly published global patent data.


Assign tasks, follow up and access the complete history of a document

A secure collaborative environment for your whole organization. Share information with colleagues with real time messaging. No more endless email strings, PDF or Excel files. Get rapid feedback from your team without physical meetings. Set deadlines for responses and monitor progress. You can easily see if someone else has saved a patent and relevant information to it. In addition each patent has a chatter to follow the flow of information related to a published patent.


Empower your organization to increase awareness and exchange insights

With a flexible, easy-to-use interface you can easily create and manage new patents while benefitting from both internal archiving databases and custom collaboration capabilities. Centrally manage all published patents’ history, including tagged patents, ranking, and correspondence and associated documentation. The IamIP patent software offers patent management that supports configurable workflows where R&D staff and patent experts can collaborate like no other patent tool available in the market. Bring in outside experts to support your work and create different platform access levels for both internal and external users: a transparent process where decisions and actions are tracked for future references.


Track market and technology trends in real time and secure your freedom to operate

Get notified when a patent changes legal status, is validated in a new country or changes ownership. Our continuously updated, international, Legal Status database is growing with up to one million legal changes and corrections each week. With one click a specific patent of interest can be monitored, each client has a personal archive with important information for peace of mind. IamIP Monitoring is paired with INPADOC.


Visualize and identify key competitors, technologies, markets and make strategic decisions accordingly

IamIP patent Analytics is a smarter and faster way to convert patents into business insights where patent analysis in real time is possible. IamIP Analytics has been designed from the start by representatives in the industry in order to create actionable insights for Intellectual Property departments and business units. Over 25 types of big data visualization models help you see what sectors your competitors are investing in and how they have changed over time, which patents your competitors are acquiring, where your competitors are filing patents, who your competitors are hiring and more.

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With one click a specific patent of interest can be monitored, each client has a personal archive with important information for peace of mind.


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With one click a specific patent of interest can be monitored, each client has a personal archive with important information for peace of mind. IAMIP Monitoring is paired with INPADOC.