"IamIP is very useful in finding out what our competitors are doing" - Marcello Masgrau, Airec AB

Climate Recovery

The market for ventilation channels is international and the market in Western Europe and the US alone is estimated to be worth in the region of 5,000 million euro

Climate Recovery Ind. AB is a small, innovative company that has developed an alternative ventilation channel. The new solution has been under development for approximately 6 years with the aim of establishing it as a smarter alternative to today’s traditional ventilation solutions, which have consisted of sheet metal channels for many years. 

"Since our innovation is quite obvious when you see the finished product, we’ve assumed from the beginning that several of the major international players will imitate us. A smart protection strategy is therefore extremely important to us, says Göran Bernhardsson, part-owner of the company and one of the brains behind the new innovation.”

IP knowledge – a key issue

Climate Recovery has submitted a number of patent applications in line with the progress it’s made during the development process.

”We’ve always been keen to have good protection, bearing in mind the tough competition. We’ve also recognized the importance of being able to demonstrate a strong patent portfolio, which makes it easier to obtain financing for the operation. As we do not have the necessary knowledge about how to manage our intellectual property ourselves, we’ve taken advice from a well-established patent agency. The agency viewed each new patent application in isolation. This, coupled with our own ignorance, has meant we’ve lacked the bigger picture and felt uncertain, says Göran.”

Almi led us the right way

On the initiative of Hans Silveborg at Almi, the company was given the opportunity to have its situation studied in detail by IP experts at IAMIP. This eventually resulted in an IP strategy that Climate Recovery considered fitting for the company and in line with its ambitions and resources.

”During our contact with IAMIP we certainly followed its ‘instructions’. Step by step the pieces have fallen into place. Our own work has not been particularly time consuming, although it has required a lot of concentration at times. As IAMIP’s instructions have been so clear and seemed purposeful from the beginning, we’ve always been motivated to move forward in the development process, Göran explains.”

As a result of the work, Climate Recovery realized that its protection was not as good as it previously thought. Thanks to the insight it has gained, with guidance from IAMIP, the situation can be remedied.

"We’ll submit new applications and probably discard some of the existing ones. We’ll probably also have a different strategy for choosing countries. All in all, we think we’ll have far stronger protection at a far lower cost. And the link between the overall IP strategy and the individual applications is absolutely crucial. It gives us peace of mind which we lacked before and intend to build on for the future, Göran concludes.”

Göran Bernhardsson and Peter Wallin

Göran and Peter are innovators and owners of the company Climate Recovery Ind. AB, together with Bergschenhoek Group in the Netherlands. 

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