"IamIP is very useful in finding out what our competitors are doing" - Marcello Masgrau, Airec AB

Arctic Business Incubator

Arctic Business Incubator (ABI) gives creative, brave, driven people specialist support to help them to develop their ideas and build companies with international growth potential. ABI is Sweden’s most northerly incubator with operations in an area spanning over 105,400 square kilometers. It currently has offices in Luleå and Skellefteå, northern Sweden, and thanks to distance-spanning technology ABI communicates with incubator companies across this entire area.

"The ideas mainly come from the university (Luleå University of Technology), the business community and from people with their own business ideas. If we think an idea has export potential and is scalable, we place it in our pre-incubator where the person with the idea can study it for around three to six months. After this we can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s time to go further and create a company, says Jan Wicén, CEO of ABI. After a listed company is formed, there follows an incubator phase which usually lasts three to four years. The company is then ready to move forward independently and become an alumni company, says Jan.”

A "patent-intensive” incubator

ABI currently has around 30 business concepts and companies in the various stages of building up operations for an international market. ABI is one of Sweden’s most patent-intense incubators and IP issues are key to the companies. Several have already filed patent applications for their innovations or are in the process of doing so.

"Being such a patent-intense incubator, it was especially pleasing that Almi-Inkubation and Vinnova tipped IAMIP off about us when it was about to carry out its beta test on its P2ALS software. We were very impressed when IAMIP showed us P2ALS and we immediately agreed to take part in the beta test, says Jan.”

We’ll be even sharper

Kristina Öhman, Business Developer at ABI, was involved in the P2ALS test and was able to give important feedback. Kristina has been trained by IAMIP and is now a licensed, professional P2ALS user. The ABI companies Performance in Cold AB and Northern Mining Products AB participated in the beta test and have now been able to hone their IP strategies.

"P2ALS has enabled our companies to work even more strategically with IP issues, says Kristina. We can study and monitor prospective business partners’ and competitors’ patent portfolios. It’s a very powerful tool that gives us access to important strategic information and it makes it easier for our companies to make IP-related business decisions, Kristina concludes.”

Jan Wicén and Kristina Öhman

As CEO and Business Developer respectively at ABI, every day Jan and Kristina work on developing some of the sharpest start-up companies in Sweden.

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