"IamIP is very useful in finding out what our competitors are doing" - Marcello Masgrau, Airec AB


Most companies in the industry currently work with conventional designs based on pipe constructions, an old method in need of development and renewal

By always thinking innovatively and outside the box, Airec AB has identified a way of tackling the challenge of heat recovery and cooling applications that is based on asymmetric plate heat exchangers. The results have been new products and greater efficiency for clients.

"Our clients constantly challenge our ability to innovate. We always have to innovate and create original solutions that are more efficient than existing ones. The business tool P2ALS from IAMIP has proven to be very useful in finding out what our competitors are doing in terms of planned IP activities, as well as in keeping an eye on existing patented solutions that could be relevant to our own solutions, says Marcello Masgrau, R&D Manager and Technical Director at Airec. P2ALS could easily become a new industry standard, Marcello continues.”

IAMIP makes IP management simple for companies

Offering user-friendly services and tools for managing IP issues is a challenge, particularly to small companies that lack knowledge and are unable to have their own resources in the field. However, it’s also a great opportunity to help to boost companies’ competitiveness and cost management. One of the more important tasks is to help the companies gain control over the factors that enable them to make strategically relevant decisions in their development processes.

”In my opinion, IAMIP has the perfect background for it´s role as a think tank and consultants within IP. They have understood the key to success when it comes to handling IP-related issues. By offering us a modern, user-friendly tool to help us make our own assessments of all available IP information, we have better control over our development options. In addition to having access to important information, we can now understand what it is really important to take into account. Marcello concludes.”

Marcello Masgrau, Airec AB

In his role as R&D Manager and Technical Director (CTO) Marcello manages Airec’s strategic IP processes.

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