The IamIP platform will revolutionize the way you work with Intellectual Property and enable you to take lead in innovation

The Patent Software IAMIP

IamIP’s patent management software provides a secure, web-based portal for centrally managing and searching all published patents worldwide.

About the IamIP platform

  • Explore & extract

    Access the world’s patent databases and extract businsess intelligence

  • Full Traceability

    Assign tasks, follow up and access the complete history of a document

  • Dynamic collaboration

    Empower your organisation to increase awareness and exchange insights

  • Track & act

    Activate patent monitoring and secure your freedom to operate

  • Analytics

    Visualize and identify key competitors, technologies, markets and make strategic decisions accordingly

  • Superior support

    Feel secure with the support of our experienced, committed and skilled IP Professionals team

Our Promise

The IamIP platform will revolutionize the way you work with intellectual property and enable you to take lead in innovation

  • -0%

    lower annual cost
  • 1.0x

    accelerated productivity
  • 2.0x

    higher innovation capacity
  • -0%

    lower risk, more informed decisions
  • 0%

    increased business awareness

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  • Get an introduction to the platform by our IP experts

  • Get a free competitor analysis

  • Set up goals for your free trial period

The Iamip plans

IamIP offers tailormade access to the platform based on your needs; as a Patent Expert, Engineer or Manager.

  • For patents expert
  • For Engineers
  • For Managers

    Perform patent searches like a patent examiner with direct connection to patent offices' register. Perform full text searches...

  • Share Findings

    Create a working space for your colleagues during a project. For example, involve R&D for review.


    Set up patent monitoring for yourself and the organization. Share documents and the platform will remind the user to provide...

  • Legal status

    Monitor individual patents & follow the legal development.

  • Access & Check

    Direct access to all patents in the world. Execute your own search on a technology solution prior to development. Perform...

  • User Friendly

    No patent skills are required to successfully use the power of the IamIP platform thanks to the unique user friendliness.

  • Share

    Share relevant patents with colleagues in a simple and efficient way.

  • Notifications

    Subscribe to your technical area of expertise and set up search alerts for yourself and the organization. The platform...

  • Identify technical solutions to protet

  • Watchdog

    Monitor business critical patents and be alerted in time

  • Instant view

    With one click you are able to see your colleagues' technical assessment

  • Analytics

    Actionable insights are visualized based on your definition and taxonomy

  • Reporting

    Share findings and increase awareness

  • Budgeting

    Simulate and forecast patent related cost

  • Workflow

    Create a tailor made process to evaluate third party

  • Working Groups

    Define roles and access levels based on your organizational structure

  • One Place

    All communication is stored in one place with no email communication needed


IamIP builds strong partnerships with all its clients. Learn more about some of our trusted partners below.

«After meeting with IamIP, I can now understand the strategic value of patents. Before I only saw the cost», Olof Stranding, CFO Piezomotor.

  • Our clients have saved over 2.1 M patent families in portfolios

  • Our clients have more than 12.946 monitorings

  • Our clients are currently tracking the legal activity of over 61.675 patents