"We have greater confidence in our patent-related development work with the support of P²ALS."

- Helge-Ruben Halse, Viking Development Group

Viking Development Group

"IAMIP helps us to manage our innovation and development work systematically"

Viking Development Group (VDG), which has its headquarters in Kristiansand, southern Norway, develops new and advanced technology, particularly in the field of renewable energy. VDG builds companies based on new technology with the aim of selling the companies and commercializing the new technologies.

"The company is very clear on one thing – everything we develop shall be patentable, says Helge-Ruben Halse, New Technology Director at Viking Development Group. This is essential for creating real value in our development process from the very start.”

The road to success

Developing new technology for commercialization purposes in competitive markets requires professional, systematic methods. VDG begins by working methodically in a think tank where ideas are born and developed.

"We start off with a blank piece of paper and develop our projects from concept to product. It’s an important milestone in the project when we get the approval of a patent, says Helge-Ruben. Viking Development Group was established following a successful product development in drilling technology for the oil and gas industry, which led to the sale of the company. A major part of the value in this particular sale can be directly linked to the products’ strong patent protection, Helge-Ruben emphasizes.

IAMIP and Viking Development Group met for the first time at an IP course in Norway. Helge-Ruben liked the way IAMIP looks at IP development in a company.

"The business-critical information we can obtain with the support of IAMIP when screening markets, competitors and technologies gives us an important edge over our competitors, explains Helge-Ruben. IAMIP helps us to manage our innovation and development work systematically. It also has special analytical skills which we benefit from considerably, adds Helge-Ruben.”

Separating the wheat from the chaff

It’s important that Viking Development Group can focus on and direct all of its energy at ideas and technologies it truly believes in. In the past, a lot of time and resources were spent on analyzing things that later turned out not to have much potential. Supported by IAMIP’s skilled patent experts, VDG can identify the potential of the ideas it’s working on more quickly. This strategic guidance coupled with VDG’s own skills generates business critical information. Examples of IAMIP’s services used by VDG:

  • Freedom-to-operate analyses and prior art search
  • How to search for and analyze suitable countries to establish companies in
  • Analyses, valuations and evaluations before contacting investors
  • How to find and monitor related technologies

Viking Development Group intends to develop its cooperation with IAMIP further

"We find we have greater confidence in our patent-related development work with the support of IAMIP. We’re already obtaining more concrete and useful data for our business decisions and this is helping us to make progress in the various stages of the development process. Furthermore, we’re reducing our costs a lot. We can use this money in other areas, Helge-Ruben concludes.”

Helge-Ruben Halse, Viking Development Group

In his role as New Technology Director, Helge Ruben Halse has strategic responsibility for developing and patenting new technology.

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