"We can study and monitor prospective business partners’ and competitors’ patent portfolios. It’s a very powerful tool"

- Kristina Öhman, Business Developer at Arctic Business Incubator

SmartPlanes - The friendly drones

"Without the use of P²ALS, this would be more or less impossible"

Drones are not only seen in action movies like "Bourne”. They are more and more becoming a common feature in our everyday lives – in peace and in war. The innovative Swedish company SmartPlanes develop drones that do good. Drones that make a positive change in the way people work with for example surveying, mapping, agriculture and forestry.

Why use a patent management tool, when you don´t have any patents?

SmartPlanes offer their clients a unique setup consisting not only of the drone itself, but also of all the required software, accessories, support services and pilot training to make it possible to plan, fly and analyze. It´s a whole set of advanced technical components. High quality components that are designed and manufactured elsewhere but put together and conceptualized at SmartPlanes.

"Drones concepts are being developed rapidly all over the world. We need to stay close to all the research and development that takes place in order to plan and develop our future concepts at an early stage, says Ola Friström, the CEO of SmartPlanes.”

No more missed opportunities

Before SmartPlanes even knew about P²ALS, the IP business tool from IAMIP, they didn´t fully explore and analyze the market and the development trends systematically. And with hindsight, they know that they missed opportunities and they couldn’t always see business threats coming their way.

"It´s actually a matter of survival for us. We have a very strict development focus and our market is international. We need to know what´s out there and we need to know the actions of our present and our future competitors, Ola Friström continues.”

To be or not to be in control – is no longer a question

Being a small company, it´s even more important for SmartPlanes to be in control. With 24-7 access to P²ALS, the company is now utilizing a number of features, giving them the opportunity to:

  • Understand the new business opportunities that comes with analyzing and managing patent information.
  • Be aware of competitor´s IP rights and not risking to infringe someone else’s patents.
  • See technology trends in the worldwide patent database and gather ideas for new inventions.
  • Prepare sound conditions for the creation of patent applications based on their own ideas.


"I love the fact that we can act even more professional and be more aware when deciding and acting upon development matters, Ola says. Without the use of P²ALS, this would be more or less impossible for us to achieve. You just don´t Google this, Ola clarifies.”

New and good habits

SmartPlanes has decided to follow up on patents and patent applications within their area of technology on a regular basis. They also distribute relevant information to team members internally with the aim to raise the awareness, but also inspire to innovate even more.

"There are more than 100.000 new patent documents entering the P²ALS database from all over the world on a weekly basis. Now we can stay constantly updated by creating alerts related to our area of technology, Ola is pleased to say.”

Read more about the company here.

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