"I love the fact that we can act even more professional and be more aware when deciding and acting upon development matters"

- Ola Friström, CEO of SmartPlanes


Services that strengthen your business

IAMIP offers smart services that support the company's management of intellectual assets, innovation and technical development.

IAMIP Intellectual Property platform is a SaaS solution that does not require any installation and is designed to simplify implementations and accelerate time-to-value; yet it is also easily configurable to create a customable interface for login and all internal emails. IAMIP offers comprehensive implementation and support services, including education and training to ensure successful adoption of the solution.

Implementation Services

To maximize the business benefits of IAMIP’s software, we work diligently to understand each customer’s business challenges and work flows. We offer best practices process consulting, as well as business tune-ups.

Having worked with a number of customers, we have combined a capital of experience to evaluate each customer’s implementation needs. We work with our customers to create a migration plan and timeline, as well as custom functionalities that address their unique business needs.

Training Services

Ensuring successful adoption by all users requires access to advanced learning tools as well as on-site training. Choose from on-demand, e-learning tutorials or live, web-delivered sessions. IAMIP also provides services to create and deliver fully customized, on-site courses for your company.

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If you are interested in P²ALS and want to get in touch, simply give us a call on +46 8 33 37 00. You can also fill in the form at the contact page and we promise to get back to you.

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Our support will kick start your P²ALS experience

To fully utilize P²ALS and it´s powerful features, we have created a strong, yet user-friendly support concept in three levels, tailored to match your current needs.

P²ALS support

Training and certification

Even though our award-winning tool P²ALS is by far the most user friendly IP business tool on the market, it´s important to us that you can maximize the benefits of using P²ALS.

Training and certification
  • Christina Nordström

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