With the support of P²ALS, I feel we can act as a big company"

- Olof Stranding, CFO of Piezomotor


Our team makes sure you're in the driver's seat

At IAMIP we're experts, technical consultants with a wealth of industry experience and business people with the market know-how to match an IP strategy to your business plan.

This makes us an exceptionally valuable partner who supports you, asks the right questions and makes sure you will improve your market position. We handle IP issues in P²ALS, our award-winning business tool for managing and analyzing patent information. Read more here.

Our Board

The main task for the Board of IAMIP Sverige AB is to create favorable conditions for the establishment and growth in the international market. To get in touch with any of us, please call +46 8 33 37 00.

Board members

Dimitris Giannoccaro



Management and analysis of intellectual assets and property rights. Development of processes and tools for handling IP. Expertise in how to utilize patent information and other available market data.

+46 70-7526666 LinkedIn

Falah Hosini

CTO, IP & Innovation expert


Over 35 years’ experience of industrial research and development as well as project management of innovations and new technology. Falah has experience from over 40 patent applications in complex technical areas.

+46 73-8338900 LinkedIn

Viktor Rudolf

IP Adviser


Development of software-based tools for managing intellectual assets and property rights. Expertise in intellectual asset- and patent portfolio management and in conducting competitor analyses and advanced IP landscaping.

+46 73-5242600 LinkedIn

Christina Nordström

IP strategist


IP strategies and supporting companies, incubators and academia in intellectual asset management and innovation processes. Expertise in licensing strategies.

+46 70-4153206 LinkedIn

Mårten Persson

IP Adviser


Intellectual asset management, competitor analyses and freedom-to-operate analyses. Expertise in assessing the patentability of new innovations and technologies. Several years experience of R&D.

+46 70-7238704 LinkedIn

Eldina Hot

Sales Advisor - DACH


Many years of experience in direct sales, strategic account planning and project management. Expert in building long term relationships with customers, from Project Managers to CEO level, across Europe.

+46 733 58 34 62 LinkedIn

Reza Saffari



Managing IT strategies, systems, equipment and IT related issues.

+46 8-333700 LinkedIn

Georgios Pappas

Financial administration


Financial administration and office administration. Managing transportation, logistics and all kinds of service tasks.

+46 8-333700
  • Christina Nordström

  • +46 70-4153206


Even though you might not find the job that fits your profile at this very moment, you are always welcome to get in touch and tell us about yourself and your future ambitions. IAMIP is in constant development and there might be room for you in our growth plans, though we do not know about it.

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