Tired of using Espacenet to
to research your competitors?


Strategic insights

P²ALS convert patents into business insights

Easier Collaboration

A secure collaborative environment for your whole organization

Innovate smarter and
faster with P²ALS

Actionable insights and collaborative tools help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Value propositions

  • Strategic insights

    A smarter and faster way to convert patents into business insights

    Over 25 types of big data visualization models help you see

     What sectors your competitors are investing in and how that has changed over time

     Which patents your competitors are acquiring

     Where your competitors are filing patents

     Who your competitors are hiring

    Patent portfolio cost simulation algorithm

    P²ALS proprietary database includes the costs to file patents from over 90 countries worldwide. Use our simulator to see how you could reduce your patent costs by for example, optimizing your geographical patent strategy. 

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  • Easier collaboration

    A secure collaborative environment for your whole organization

    Share information
    with colleagues with real time messaging. No more endless email strings, PDF or Excel files.

    Get rapid feedback
    from your team without physical meetings. Set deadlines for responses and monitor progress.

    One click collaboration
    Give a colleague or a third party expert full access to a patent document with one simple click.

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  • All in one place

    Structure and manage your patents easier than ever before

    One tool - All the intelligence
    P²ALS has a proprietary database with more than 100 million individual patents from around the world. Our database also includes legal status information and patent cost information

    Import documents of any source
    Apart from working with the already extensive database you can easily import saved patent documents from other IP tools or transform static spreadsheets into editable P²ALS–files. Our customers have already saved over 1.4 million patents into their personal portfolios.

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  • Easy to use

    With P²ALS everyone becomes an expert

    A business tool for everyone
    P²ALS is developed for research and development teams, not just IP professionals. Register in seconds, and within minutes you can explore your closest competitors, emerging technologies or new marketing opportunities.

    Intuitive interface
    One click actions, drag and drop, chat functions - All the things you are familiar with from other modern SaaS-tools can also be found within P²ALS. The world of IP doesn’t have to be complicated.

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  • Always updated

    Get notified when a patent changes legal status, is validated in a new country or changes ownership

    An office in your pocket
    Our cloud based service will let you work anywhere at any time. Monitor patents at the office, on the subway or in your downtown coffee shop.

    Our continuously updated, international, database is growing with 90.000 new patents and one million legal changes each week.

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Trusted by the world’s most innovative companies, IAMIP’s Intellectual Property platform provides a
secure, web-based portal for centrally managing all published patents worldwide – from the published
individual patents to setting up search alerts, sharing, commenting, monitoring, collaborating and more.

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”After meeting with IAMIP, I can now understand the strategic value of patents. Before I only saw the costs, says Olof Stranding, the CFO of Piezomotor. Today I feel much more confident in how we handle the risks around patents. Now we are prepared for when competitors eventually enter the market, Olof continues." See more

"Without the use of P²ALS, this would be more or less impossible"

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    Our clients have structured over 1.7 mil patent applications in portfolios

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    Our clients have recieved more than 40k automated search alerts

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    Our clients have monitored 72k patent legal events