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As an IP consultancy firm helping innovative clients with legal and technical expertise, adding P²ALS to your professional tools will enable you to provide your services in a secure, collaborative and 100% digitalized environment. Together, you will track patents and get relevant answers to take actions.

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10 June 2016

Business aspects of patent analytics

Today at Patinfo in Germany we have "analytics" on the agenda. Read more

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8 June 2016

Germany here we come!

Last preparations before the Patinfo conference in Ilmenau, Germany. Read more

P²ALS advice

28 June 2016

P²ALS help small companies become big players

When you integrate P²ALS in your business, you will automatically have the same opportunities as the big resourceful companies have today. Read more

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We expect competitors to enter the market

PiezoMotor was founded to meet a world need for a new micro-motor technology that would enable the continued development of ever smaller and more advanced products such as mobile phones, tablets and medical devices. The unique technology is based on Swedish, high-tech research. "We expect competitors... See more

Drones that do good

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Innovation advice that creates a competitive edge

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From a blank piece of paper to successful commercialization

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